Seawicks Candles

Beach Girl – the scent of suntan lotion and surf

Calm Night – after a day of summer sun, soothing notes of lavender & aloe wash over you

Coastal Storm – wind is picking up…

Front Porch Coffee Shop – a quiet cup of coffee on the porch, before the kids wake up

Love the Sea – a combination of of sea salt and floral tones, this scent will bring back favorite memories of the sea

Maine Screen Printed – Inspired by Seawick’s family travels. The glass is made in the USA, the art designed in the USA by Trosko Design in Yarmouth Maine, the glass screen-printed in the USA, and hand-poured in the USA using their signature 100% Soy wax grown in the USA. The scent is their popular Weekend at the Cabin, the warm scent of the Maine woods.

Off to the Cottage – nothing is better then the fresh scent of honeysuckle on your country bike ride

On the Pier – Salty sea spray

Refreshingly Peppermint – clean & crisp peppermint

Sailing Lessons – memories of sailing on a beautiful warm summers day. A combination of passion flower, sandalwood and sea salt

Salty Sea Moss – a unique blend of waterlily, moss and lush marine tones

Seafarer – traveling by sea high in the ships rigging above the salt waters

Summer Squeeze – fresh squeezed lemonade to quench your thirst

The Lodge – The lovely scent of cinnamon and pine brings you back to your favorite memories of heading off to the lodge

‘Tis the Season – Warm inviting scent of Hot Toddy’s…brandy, cinnamon stick and cloves

Weekend at the Cabin – hardwoods surrounding the weathered cabin